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Aaron Roth
Aaron Roth

Aaron has been in the Golf Industry for 8 Years. He has carried a single digit handicap for 16 years and competes in a number Amateur events around the State. Aaron has Fitting Certifications from: Ping, Taylor...

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Our online fitting program allows our fitting experts to work with customers of all skill levels. When you schedule an online fitting appointment, we’ll work with you to identify your unique swing tendencies and some basic measurements. Through this information, we can recommend the correct adjustments so your golf clubs properly fit you.

How does the process work?

  1. Find the clubs you are looking to purchase.
  2. Complete the online fitting form.
  3. Schedule an online fitting. Include the clubs you are looking to purchase and be prepared to email us the online fitting form.

If you’re struggling to choose the right golf clubs for your game, contact one of our sales and service reps for assistance. Through a series of questions, our equipment experts can make a great recommendation based on your unique swing.

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